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Staying at Camping Ikeleane

Staying in Friesland in your own tent or caravan at the nicest child friendly campsite in Friesland. Ikeleane offers extensive facilities and is situated at the edge of the woods. A beautiful location from where you can make some great excursions on foot or by bike. There are many places to visit from our family camp site in Bakkeveen, but naturally you can also just stay on the campsite, where you will not run out of things to do. We have a lot of facilities like a swimming pool, play area, football field, volleyball field and more. Besides these, we also have a professional entertainment team ready to entertain you and your children throughout the day.

Camping Ikeleane has a number of fields available for camping, but you may also opt for a more luxurious form of accommodation. We have a variety of chalets for hire, up to a maximum of 6 people. We have also recently started offering luxury 5 person chalets with many facilities, at a very economical price.

Camping low season prices 2021

Number of personsComfort placePrivate sanitaryBasic fieldCamper and power
2€ 20€ 29,00€ 16,50€ 15.35
3€ 24,00€ 33,00€ 20,50€ 19.35
4€ 28,00€ 37,00€ 24.50€ 23.35
5€ 32,00€ 41,00€ 28.50€ 27.35
6€ 36,00€ 45.00€ 32.50€ 31.35

Camping high season prices 2021

Number of personsComfort placePrivate sanitaryBasis placeCamper and power
2€ 26.75€ 35.75€ 21,75€ 16.85
3€ 30,75€ 39.75€ 25.75€ 20.85
4€ 34.75€ 43.75€ 29.75€ 24.85
5€ 38.75€ 47.75€ 33.75€ 28.85
6€ 42.75€ 51.75€ 37.75€ 32.85

De Bikecamping of Friesland

Camping de Ikeleane is placed at what is called the three provinces point of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Our camping is ideal for a bike touring through beautiful landscapes.

What we have to offer:

  • Bike rental (different types)
  • Closed off bike storage
  • Cleaning place
  • Bike repair
  • Packed lunches
  • The best biking routes & tips.
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Via deze weg willen wij u graag informeren over het Coronavirus (COVID-19) en over de maatregelen die wij zelf nemen om verspreiding te voorkomen. We staan in nauw contact met de lokale instanties (GGD), de brancheorganisatie en gemeenten die ons op de hoogte houden van (lokale) ontwikkelingen omtrent het virus.